Wedding Photographer New York

New York is an amazing place, where to get married. It’s so beautiful, that it hurts, it’s a city where all possible cultures meet and is plenty of great and special venues, where to tie the knot. I could experience this with my eyes and with my camera, since I have been in New York as Wedding Photographer.

Wedding Photographer New York: New York Weddings rock!

The melting pot of different human beings and cultures is what amazed me the most as Wedding Photographer in New York. Having the chance to attend several weddings in New York, I have heard everything from Swahili to German to Farsi. And every single wedding has been like a trip to a different part of the world, with the mix of languages and traditions and skin colours. New York is limitless food, entertainment, drinks, celebrations. But it can be also the backdrop of an intimate wedding in a small restaurant, that hasn’t even hosted a wedding before. The impression I had in New York as person and as Professional is: that everything is possible! Elegance, exaggeration, glamour, simplicity, luxury: I have experienced all of that, even in a single wedding.

Portraits of a Wedding Photographer New York

New York is the perfect set for Wedding portraits. A photographer has an enormous range of possibilities for its Wedding Photography:

big locations, such Grand Central, Empire State building, the Brooklyn Bridge

small, but lively and colourful neighbourhood

the great outdoors locations: Central Park, Times Square 

Even thousand pictures shot in the same places in New York cannot be exactly the same. The light, the atmosphere, the surroundings in these great places in New York change so fast, that it’s incredibly enjoyable and always a special experience to shoot wedding portraits in the Big Apple.

I share with you my gallery as Wedding Photographer New York, with the hope of letting you soak up the magic of this big city, that never sleeps and that makes the dreams come true.