Our services are client oriented and very accurate at the same time. We can personalize wedding packages as well as for elopements and couple portraits. Video and album design are also managable and couple oriented.




We have six different packages for weddings. Each one is optionable with several services and fully eprsonalized. Get in touch with as asking for the pdf.

STARTS AT € 2000


We have 4 elopement packages based on timing and also fully personalized with several options. Ask for the pdf and check your perfect match.

STARTS AT € 1300

Fine art portraits

Whatever it is: honeymoon, engagement shooting or even single portraits we have many packages that will surely match your requests.

Our Album design
in 40 full spreads you will get an original italian fine art handmade book

May I have a quote for my wedding?

Question too general. Please try to be more specific and make a list to all the services that you need. For example different prints and covers may influence the price. The video itself can vary the price, the second shooter etc. A greater precision in writing or phone call will favor a careful quotation. And … Do not forget to write the date to check availability :)

Any retouching included in the quote?

Color correction, contrast, white balance are included in the price. If for photo retouching it is meant the substantial modification of the subjects it is obvious that this service is not included in the price.

Could we book a date without signing an agreement?

Likely not possible. The signing of a contract denotes primarily the professionalism of the photographer and at the same time is a guarantee for couples. Mine is a very concise agreement.

Will you work in person or in a team?

I mostly work in person and with a team of course. There is always an assistant with me and a second shooter when is required. When i will send a photographer of my team this will be witten in the agreement and the couple will know who will be the photographer before. My team is part of my style anyway and they are fully part of my brand, all of them.

How many digital files will I get?

My studio will edit all the delivered digital files. We have several packages for editing related to terms and conditions. It depends of the chosen package. Please feel free to ask as the pdf file with all the included packages.

I have a wedding planner, do you mind getting in contact with her?

Of course we don't mind. However we prefer receiving schedules and timing by couples if the agreement is signed by them. We prefer rely with wedding planners in case we've been engaged by the wedding planner first.

We are having just a small wedding. Do you have any cheap package?

We do have elopement packages as well as honeymoon and engagement shooting packages.