As Destination Wedding Photographer Italy, I love Tuscany as setting for the weddings. It’s a wonderland on earth, with its fabulous scenarios. For a Tuscan Wedding the couples have plenty of choices: not only Florence, Pisa or Siena are amazing places, where to tie the knot. There are many small areas, suggestive Renaissance gems, less known but romantic towns surrounded by soft hills. A Tuscan Wedding is a dream with no compromises!

A Tuscan Wedding – warm welcoming for a photographer

I personally felt like at home at the Monteverdi Tuscany . The team who work there is passionate and elegant at the same time. All of them were supportive in helping me out with a new location. It was my first time there and I truly hope to get back soon for another wedding. Lisa and Mattew hired me when I was working in New York and they planned everything from overseas. My team and me were so excited in having this experience as we were captured by the charming athmosphere of the small town, soon, from the first sight.

Monteverdi Tuscany – bride getting ready

The Lisa getting ready started earlier than Mattew and we were 3 of us in managing this Tuscan wedding. The bride was excited yet fortunately not emotional and she was very friendly with us. A big part of the family was around. It actually was an intimate wedding with strong touch of joy as every wedding should be. We collected a good mixture of intimate pictures and they were combined with a photojournalistic style.

The groom getting ready was quite and peaceful as well as the bride. The room was woody and surrounded by an intimate mood. We set up a surprise for the bride, something that she will disclose after watching the video.

The ceremony was very touchy and with quite a lot emotional moments. The settings was minimal and very sober. I really appreciate the dispostion of the chairs and the view back to the garden. It was a good choice, eventhough the location offered a variety of backdrops for such a great event. The images below tells a bit of how nice was the ceremony.

Tuscan Wedding: distinctive weddings and unforgettable moments

I have been so lucky to take part to many weddings in Tuscany and I must say, that it has been a great honour to be a Florence Wedding Photographer as well as a Wedding Photographer in other fabulous places in Tuscany. No matter what season, Tuscany is always one of the top Wedding destinations, both for traditional and unconventional weddings. Italians have a great sense of beauty and of elegance! And in Tuscany, due to the great numbers of amazing Wedding venues, it’s possible to be very creative, while organizing the Big Day. Florence or Forte dei Marmi are the best choice if you want to go for a glamourous Tuscan Wedding and feel like a VIP. If you prefer something chic, but with a discreet touch, La Maremma, located in the South of Tuscany, is a great solution.

All Weddings deserve the perfect honeymoon

When planning the Big Day, it’s very important to focus, not only on the single Wedding Day, but on all elements, that complete the event and make it a whole wonderful experience. In this context, Tuscany is the perfect region, where to marry. In fact, it offers a lot of different occasions of leisure, both for the newlyweds and for their families and guests. So, even if you have to choose one single place, where to set up the ceremony and the Wedding party, don’t be sad. Take your time and, after the Tuscan Wedding, plan your honeymoon on the country side or in the Etruscan area.