destination wedding photographer – Destination photographer in Italy

Nature in Italy can be amazing even in uncommon location. Shooting inside tourist and crowded places can be tricky sometimes. You risk to find many disturbing elements such are people allover and in summer you might find the sun too strong and harsh on your face.

Your personal engagement photographer in Italy

An enegagement photographer in Italy should be able to find a location for a couple based on the taste and couple personality. A destination wedding photographer should also be aware of colours in order to get the best results for a moody engagement shooting.

In touch with your feelings

An engagement shooting in Italy is planned by a professional photographer with the guidelines of couples. In this specific case we wanted to make sure to find a sunny day in an abandoned town surrounded by a wild nature.

In the specific case I was with a very sweet couple who whould have made the happiness of any engagement photographer in Italy. I shooted with an assistant who helped me to take pictures from different point of view, angle by different lenses. I often shoot with an assistant or second shooter in order to enhance the storytelling of the day.

The couple was very sweet and relaxed. We were exploring the surroundings while as engagement photographer in Italy I was focused in finding the right backdrop with beautiful light. We actually were looking for a old house on lakeside and finally we found it before the sunset, yet the best shots inmy opinion were taken in the green. I think so also because they show up the real soul of the couple.

An engagement photographer in Italy should always plan a shooting, be aware of timing according to natural light changing. Its is an exciting and challenging experience. You can have a real travel sightseen and shoot at the same time.