When you are in love with someone, everything around looks beautiful and people in love only have eyes for each other. But experiencing a fantastic holiday in one of the most magic places in Italy will even make things better. Italy Amalfi Coast is the right destination for couples, who want to enjoy breathtaking views, to visit ancient villages and to taste delicious food. 

Culture and fun: Italy Amalfi Coast

Italy Amalfi Coast is a vacation, that satisfies all your desires. If you are interested in visiting historic buildings, you will find what you are looking for. In Amalfi, for example, don’t miss out the opportunity to go to Piazza Duomo. Its 9th-century Romanic Catholic Cathedral will delight your eyes! The position of the Cathedral is strategic: it is in the center of the town. This granted in the past the defense against invaders. Nowadays its position offers to the tourists the opportunity to visit one of the most famous historical buildings of the area, without leaving the center. At same time you can experience here the buzzing atmosphere of Amalfi. In fact Piazza Duomo is the ideal place where to sit with your beloved, drinking a coffee in a chic café, soaking up the culture. And it is also, where the Italian evenings really come to life! 

Italy Amalfi Coast: a true natural paradise for romantic couples

After having appreciated the local culture, you can plan for example an excursion by sea on the Amalfi Coast. For romantic couples there is no better way of admiring the incomparable beauty of the Coast than by boat. We suggest you then to stop and to find a romantic accommodation in one of these places along the Coast: Vietri sul Mare, Minori, Maiori, Atrani, just to name a few. Atrani for example is not at all involved in mass tourism and it is one of the sweetest and romantic spot that you can find in the area. It is a picturesque very little town, where the couples enjoy spending time alone, getting away from the chaos of the world.

If you want to make sure to bring with you home these amazing memories of your Italy Amalfi Coast Holiday, don’t underestimate the value of professional pictures. An Amalfi Coast Photographer is the ideal solution if you want to capture some of the best moments of your romantic getaway. Some people are used to think that the support and the services of a Professional Photographer can be helpful only when it comes to big celebrations or Weddings. But pictures are fundamental in our lives, because they are able to turn every single moment and experience into something eternal. Discover all the services that a Photographer can offer you, even before your departure to the Italy Amalfi Coast.