Italian wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo

Italy is an amazing Country. The vairiety of places and locations are stunning and this is offer to all of the couple several opportunity to chose dinstintive backdrops and so realize a creative shooting with their italian engagement photographer.

Any destination In Italy has its specific elements. So every couple can indentify themselves in some place. I mostly love taking picture in natural enviroment with quite heritage important buildings in it. So it is possible taking picture in interior and also exterior. As italian engagement photographer I’m very into the light and seraching for backdrops where the subjects can move freely as in a sort of time suspended dimension.

Timeless pictures are often the ones where modern elements won’t be find easily. Moody places are the ones where light is coming from a natural source and make a string contrast between shadow and highlighs.


I tent to put the couple in a “moody” source of light. As italian engagement photographer I love not posing in a classic way, yet I prefer let people move spontaneously under light sources alog this exclporing adventure in this places.

Couple who hire me are conscious of the way I work with and they often ask me to take certain pictures I already took from my portfolio. They particularly love a good mixture bitween bright and moody pictures from different angles. I also love being empathetical with my clients as I know that I will be the best results in terms of spontaneous facial expressions.

The editing of the files is often cinematic and at the same time based on the colour and light I find in location.