Italian wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo

An elopement in Italy is mostly connected with a a deep tourist experience. Couples are interested in most of the cases in discovering amazigness and bauty of places like Rome, Florence, Capri, Amalfi Coast, Venice, Puglia. They really have trouble in chosing where about to get merry as they first of all are in love with many places in Italy.

What makes the difference is your preferences. Before making real a plan of elopement in Italy you should ask to yourself if you like more heritage cities or more cal and relaxing places like small town. Then you should move forward in order to find a place with nice Hotels and find services lire wedding planner, photographer, makeup, hairstylist, florist etc…

I recommend to chose the hotel first or the venue where you would like celebrate your wedding, indipendently by the kind of ceremony (symbolic, religious, civil). Then you might need of wedding planner. It depends on how many services you need during for the day.

Searching on internet could be fine if you are just looking for something simple. Yet if you are looking for music, flower, even dress, rings and you don’t have time to waste for all this things then you need of wedding planner for your elopement in Italy, in order to avoid struggling with booking all this things together.

Photography is becoming very important in planning an elopement in italy. Sometimes people hire the photographer even before hiring a wedding planner or book a location and sometimes they ask the photographer for suggestions. I think this is understandable as a professional photographer knows very well the place, the light conditions and other professionists.