Italian wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo

Destination wedding photographer

What makes amazing Sorrento is definitely its outstanding view over the sea. Different from Amalfi Coast yet outstanding as well, with quite a bit different athmosphere that is very important for a best wedding photographer in Sorrento too…Destination wedding photographer

The amazingness of the coastline can be the major point of attraction for a couple who is searching for a best wedding photographer in Sorrento, as well as the streets inside Sorrento where it’s possibile to meet local people.

The Sorrento locals are very friendly and spontaneous. The often open their doors to let you get in and shoot in their private spaces, so you can have such a variety of backdrops and totaly unespected.


The most famous points are definitely the Chiosco of San Francesco, Villa Fondi, La Marinella that every best photographer in Sorrento know. Also the hills upon the town, where you can find Villa Sabrina, the place where this wedding took place.

We worked in a team. My assistant, the photographer and the videographer too. It was a sunny day but not so uncopable and this is visible by the relaxing face of the bride and groom, as well as the guests.

Their family and friends were amazing with us and we felt part of a big family. This is important when you work with people a wedding photographer in Sorrento should know how to deal with people.

The party was very intimate and we took some details picture combined with more casual shots as it was requested by the couple. At the end the sparkles and the cake closed that amazing day.