Destination wedding photographer

Welcome to the moody vision of Emiliano Russo, italian wedding photographer.

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Destination wedding photographer

Emiliano Russo is a destination wedding photographer based in Amalfi Coast - Italy and willing to travel all over Italy and overseas.

For instance, what mostly inspires Emiliano are timeless weddings in exclusive and luxury places. His style is classic with a strong modern point of view...

Your wedding in Italy should be tailored

Your destination wedding photographer Emiliano Russo is ready to listen to your needs and give you advices also in terms of locations and planning.

However who is better than a photographer in understanding beauty and selecting professionals who are able to manage your wedding while you are overseas?

Check how...

Many services for you

Emiliano Russo offers from basic photography service for intimate elopements to more sofisticated weddings.

You will definitely have the best and suitable packages for you. Likewise you also will be in direct connection with Emiliano and with his manager.

Emiliano loves taking care of couples in person.
In addition, packages are available on request by the contact form.


Many hi quality services are available for your weddings. In addition you can personalize your style with a a real destination wedding photographer.

Destinations available for bookings are: Amalfi Coast and Sorrento, Rome, Florance and Tuscany, Puglia and Sicily, Sardinia, Lake Como, Garda, Iseo and the timeless Venice.

Check how it’s easy to make the right choice with your italian wedding photographer. 

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Destination wedding photographer

Destination wedding photographer – I work in team.


In photography I always have an assistant with me also for engagament shootings in Italy and elopements, likewise honeymoon shooting and real weddings overall as a destination wedding photographer

Therefore you might chose to have just me as italian wedding photographer if you don’t like having many people around you. 

I certainly suggest clients to hire also a second shooter, who is necessary when bride and groom get dress at the same time and also when guests are more then 70. 

All of my team speak a fluent English and we have a warm approach with our clients. We don’t like being cold and acting like big artists on the stage. 

In other words we believe that this is necessary to gain more spontaneous facial expressions and natural body movements in front of a camera.

In addition, you have several other services to chose for your wedding, like videography, printed fine art album.

Moreover you can check our packages and ask for more info in order to personalize your destination wedding photographer service. 

Our workflow is very fast and efficient. In our team we have an editing and retouching team who is very efficient and focused on colours and also more complex elaborations when are required.

After that as italian wedding photographer I believe that keeping things simple can give much better results. However we have different needs to satisfy and the editing depends on the specific client requests

Our print services are magnificient. All album are handmaded with organic materials. We follow all process in our laboratory and we inform our client of progresses. 


We work different.


We don’t like posing people in a classic way and by weird and static gestures,  In other words we like framing couples in a natural way after chosing the right frame and composition above all.

A destination wedding photographer should be aware of framing couples in the right way, under a beautiful light and after that keeping things natural. How we can achieve this?

Any italian wedding photographer knows secret places likewise light conditions. They know when and where it’s better shooting with clients in order to achieve amazing results, beautiful pictures.

What makes the difference are need and requests of clients. Some of them chose to shoot in crowded places under harsh light, for example midday in summer.

However a good destination wedding photographer should be able to manage also bad conditions of light and this is the reason why we have studied two differnt kind of style.

Similarly we do love hi key style as well as low key style and we apply two different colour palette for each light conditions, that will be combined with the skin tone of the couple.

During our process we don’t like using standard presets that make look pictures all the same. As destination wedding photographer we love keep up with our distinctive style

Moreover we tent to include our client in the worflow. We don’t think clients don’t understand what we do and believe that they are able to to even give us inspirational gudielines.

A destination wedding photographer certainly must be updated with all the gear new technology can provide. We are very cutting edge with new cameras. However what is really important is having a sensitivity, eye, creativity.